Welcome to TALM

A place for artists and colorists to create, share, learn, inspire and be inspired.

Why Join TALM?

When you join TALM, you join a family of like-minded creators, each on their own creative journey. TALM offers Lisa Mitrokhin's exclusive art courses, so make sure to check out the COURSES section.
Regardless of whether you sign up for a course or not, everyone is welcome to share their colorings, drawings, ask questions, and get constructive feedback and encouragement in the TALM main thread. 
TALM is a safe place. You don't need to be a master to play with us. All you need is your love of art and color. Unlike social media platforms, here you can easily connect with your fellow creators, chat, and collaborate. 

Thanks and a Big Hug

Thank you patrons and students! You guys make all this possible. Without your amazing support, I would not be able to spend this much time on creating content and doing what I truly love full-time. You allow me to make art and share it with the community. 

-Lisa Mitrokhin (your artist, teacher, and host)